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  • I Graduated in 1995 from Meade Co. High
  • I graduated from Eastern KY University with a Bachelors degree in May 2000
  • In 2005 I earned my Master's Degree and Special Education Certification in Learning/Behavior Disorder from Georgetown College
  • I obtained by National Board Certification in Special Education in 2013



  • I began working with children with disabilities during my summers from college at Camp Kysoc in Carrollton, KY
  • I continued working with adults and children with disabilities after graduating from EKU as a Certified Recreational Therapist in nursing homes and children's psychiatric facilities in Louisville, KY
  • In 2003 I decided to go back to school to earn my Master's degree and special education certification for LBD
  • I have been teaching at BPS as a special education teacher since 2005

  • I have been a resident of Meade Co. since 1991 after moving from Alaska, but I am originally from Georgia (I come from a military family) 
  • I met my husband who is from Meade Co. while at EKU and we married shortly after graduating in 2000
  • We had our first daughter, Abby in 2003 after moving home from Lexington...16 months later in April of 2005 we had another daughter, Emma! Now, 11 years after having Abby, our family is complete with the birth of our son, Spencer in 2015! 

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