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Shannon Carnell & Hannah Matthews, Co-Presidents Email Icon Email
  Sara Medley, Vice President Email Icon Email

Brandenburg Primary PTO

Brandenburg Primary's PTO

BPS PTO welcomes you to another exciting year at Brandenburg Primary! PTO is a great way to be involved in your child’s school as well as help raise money to support the students and teachers.

 Parent volunteer forms will be sent home at the beginning of the school year. If you do not receive a form and are interested in volunteering and/or keeping updated on PTO events just send an email to and ask to be on the mailing list you can also like us on Facebook Brandenburg Primary PTO and you will receive updates and reminders that way as well.


2019-2020 BPS PTO Officers
Shannon Carnell, Co-President
Hannah Matthews, Co-President
Sara Medley, Vice President

 Rachael Ditto, Treasurer

 Loren Vowels, Co-Secretary
Kristian Johnson, Co-Secretary




 Ø  Scholastic Book Fair: Sept. 9 - 13, 2019
Family Night at the Book Fair -- to be announced

  Ø  Fall Festival: Friday, October 25, 2019 (to be announced) 4:30pm – 7:30pm
Featuring chili supper, games, prizes, & silent auction. Fun for whole family!

  Ø  Santa Shop: December 9-13, 2019
Kids love Christmas shopping for their loved ones!
All items cost $2.00, wrapping included.

  Ø  Teacher Appreciation Week: May --to be announced 
Thank the teachers & staff for all they have done for the students this year.


For your information . . .

•Any profit from Book Fairs, Santa Shop and T-shirts is generally used to fund requests made by Mrs. Bertrand & Mr. Scott for the benefit of the entire school.  Examples include student rewards, school-wide field trips, teacher appreciation, furniture & décor, and instructional equipment. 

•Donations made to the spring Read-a-Thon are held for instructional needs the principals deem beneficial to the students' education such as textbooks, reading materials, software and learning equipment.  (An exception to this was made in 2006 & 2008 when Read-a-Thon funds were used to help pay for the two playgrounds.) 

•Any questions or comments you have regarding PTO please feel free to email an officer at

NOTE:  BPS PTO is recognized by the IRS as a charitable non-profit organization.  As required by law, a tax return is filed with the IRS each year detailing revenue and expenses, however no taxes are actually paid. 

 Donations to BPS PTO are tax-deductible.

Know that your PTO officers are here to answer your questions.  Feel free to contact us any time.  We can also be contacted throught our school email address  If you need one of us specifically simply add the name to the subject line. Thanks for everything you do to make this school great.